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Like many community organizations, SCCW relies on contributions from our supporters to fund scholarships, programs and support events and projects in the community. We take this opportunity to thank those who contribute to our scholarship fund and allow us to make an impact on behalf of women and girls.

2022-2023 Donors

Platinum Donors


Garrad & Dallas Marsh

Silver Donors

Christine Beckstrom
Jane Manley & Ricardo Córdova
Kate Lucas Nyegaard & Dr. Roland Nyegaard

Bronze Donors

Modesto Irrigation District
Amanda & Noah Hughes
Anguiano Law, APLC
Gloria Bracco
Henrietta Sparkman
Marian Martino & Joanna Cusenza
Paul Mayer
Sue & Randy Siefkin
Yvonne Allen


Nancy Smith & David Rockwell
Rich & Nancy Fisher
Sheila Carroll
Chella Gonsalves
Connie C. Harris
Freda Motto
Janet Harper
Jennie Sweeney
Julie Saugstad

League of Women Voters of Stanislaus County
Linda & Duane Lovaas
Maree Hawkins
Pat Paul Pat Portwood & Ron Baram
Patricia Logan
Polly & Burt Vasche
Sam Pierstoff & Ruhi Sheikh
Sharon Arpoika
Sue Zwahlen
Yvonne Taylor


Filomena Sousa
Diana Demetrilias
Nancy C. Turner

Janice Lucero
Kaye Osborn

Dr R.J. Moriconi

Stan and Adele Little

Past Donors

Anne and George Britton
Modesto Irrigation District
Jane Manley & Ricardo Cordova
Connie Harris
Sue & Randy Siefkin
Belinda Rolicheck
Nancy & Rich Fisher
Freda Motto
Polly & Burt Vasche
Sheila Carroll
Janet & Robert Harper
Sue Zwahlen
Maree Hawkins
Dr. Lynette R. Grandison
Henrietta Sparkman
Janice Lucero
Raman Sahota
Susan Rich
Bev & Pete Finley
JoAnn Davidson
Susan Lilly
Gloria Bracco
Dr. Don & Kathy Davis
Susan Richardson
Paulette Roberson
Kaye Osborne

Emiley Poisson
Julie Saugstad
Carol Shipley


A Huge Thank You to our other supporters!

Angelica Anguiano

Justine Borba

Gloria Bracco

Pam Di Francia

Joanna Esparza

Jasmine Esparza-Tello

Keith Highiet

Mary Giventer

Arlaine Guiterrez

Lynnette Grandison

Sharon Hawley-Crum

Jane Manley

Amy Pezoni

Judie Piscitello

Hanna Renning

Nancy Scheer

Joe Souza

Monica Vergara

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