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About the Commission

Our Beliefs and Values:

- To promote an awareness of issues that concern woman of all ages, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic background and beliefs.

- To promote knowledge of individual women's strengths and resources and to support women in the pursuit of their individual choices and goals.

- To validate and celebrate the achievements of women collectively and individually.

- To support legislation and programs that address the needs of all women and children.

As a Commission, we support:

- Pro-Choice and reproductive rights

- Gender pay equity

- Adequate funding for women and children's health issues and research

- Ending violence against women

- Adequate, safe and affordable child care and child care issues

- Anti-discrimination based on sexual orientation

2021 Goals


Initiate and deepen collaborations with other organizations and groups that work to support women and children in Stanislaus County


Create fun and joyful opportunities for women to connect and socialize in the virtual space, as a way to build community and provide emotional support.


Utilize our newsletter and social media presence to elevate the voices of women most affected by the myriad crises at hand.


A Huge Thank You to our Supporters!

Angelica Anguiano

Justine Borba

Gloria Bracco

Pam Di Francia

Joanna Esparza

Jasmine Esparza-Tello

Keith Highiet

Mary Giventer

Arlaine Guiterrez

Lynnette Grandison

Sharon Hawley-Crum

Jane Manley

Amy Pezoni

Judie Piscitello

Hanna Renning

Nancy Scheer

Joe Souza

Monica Vergara

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