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2023 Guidelines

Purpose of Annual Awards

The purpose of the Annual Outstanding Women Awards is to honor women who have demonstrated exemplary service to our community as it relates to the objectives of the Stanislaus County Commission for Women.


• To promote issues that concern women of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds and beliefs.

• To promote within women the knowledge of their strengths and resources and to support women in the pursuit of their individual choices.

• To validate and celebrate the achievements of women collectively and individually throughout Stanislaus County.

• To support legislation and programs that address the needs of all women and children.

2023 Outstanding Women Nomination Form

Nomination Deadline: 12/20/2022

​In the longer text box below, please respond to the following questions and include it with this cover form. Please limit responses to no more than 600 words. 

A. Describe how this nominee has demonstrated exceptional involvement in activities focused on a concern for women in the Stanislaus County community.  These may include but are not limited to working with community organizations; leadership roles in activities; self directed endeavors, advocacy or policy making.

Outstanding Young Women should be nominated for demonstrating exceptional leadership, extra-curricular activities that positively impact girls and women, overcoming hardship to inspire others and other actions and qualities that make her exceptional.

B. If relevant, list any Degrees, Certificates, Awards or Honors the Nominee has received related to her work on behalf of women and children.

C. Provide other pertinent information validating the nominee’s qualifications for this honor.

Nominating For:
Nominee is a Resident of Stanislaus County for 3+ Years

Thanks for submitting!

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