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Response to those who think they have a say


This body, my body,

Is not your body

Is not her body

Is not their body

Is not a body of facts

You need to concern

Yourself with, is not

A body up for discussion,

Up for dissection. This body,

My body, her body, the body

Even of your beloved belongs

Not to you. Not to you does

This body, does any body,

Owe anything, not

An explanation, not

A justification, not

A body of evidence

For you to interrogate,

To judge, not a body that needs

The gavel of your opinion

Bearing down on it. This body,

My body, her body, our bodies,

Belong to the hearts and souls

And the thinking minds

That walk individually

In each body. And every

Body gets to decide

What she needs,

What is right for her.

Put that gavel away.

We don’t need your opinions,

Your conniving legalities.

You do not live in my body,

Or her body, or any body

Besides the one you inhabit,

Besides the one for which

You make your own decisions,

As I will, as she will, as we will

Make our own decisions,

With no interference from you.

                                      -gillian wegener

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